Unity X femme

UNITY X femme

290 30% Discount
Weight 300 g
Size 180 × 72 × 1 cm
Origin Kathmandu 44600, Nepal
...A light protective shade that softly covers your shoulder

“Fair Trade statt Charity”

Unweit von seinem Ursprung wird das Garn in Kathmandu, Nepal von Blinden und Gehörlosen von Hand verwoben. Eine Arbeit die Menschen am Rande der Gesellschaft, davon überwiegend Frauen, einen sicheren Arbeits und sozialen Platz schaffen.
#Fairer Handel #Women Empowerment


Simply awesome

14.12.21 Christian A. Weber

Already when you open the mail package the scent of the incense sticks comes out and makes wondering. Then you see the info sheet and the heart, and you get the feeling of doing something good. Detaching the paper ribbon from the box without breaking it increases the anticipation. The box is high quality, the magnetic closure is reminiscent of Apple. And the scarf is super fluffy…

Also fits perfectly with an opera outfit

14.12.21 Harald

Received the beautiful box with the fantastic scarf. I love it, it keeps me nice and warm. It also goes perfectly with the opera outfit, I received compliments. The box with the incense stick and accompanying letter was also lovingly designed, will keep this as an accessory.

Impressive quality!

14.12.21 Mark Chapman

ou can buy designer brands and «nurture» the rich fashion industry or you can buy fair from the producers. This luxury large soft cashmere shawl is woven in Nepal by people who need support. The quality is amazing, the style timeless, the colour as nature intended and more the price is very fair.